21 May 2014

Full-Time Kogan.com Software Developers, Engineers, Scientists, Hackers, Coders, Etc

KoganMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

NOTE: This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!

Job Description

Do you think all E-Commerce sites are boring and involve hacks around an out-of-box solution? Do you like to write untested and undocumented code that mainly doesn’t work? Do you need someone to hold your hand and tell you how to complete a project every step of the way? If you answered yes to the above, then we’ll save you some time and let you know that this job isn’t for you.

Kogan.com is Australia’s largest online store and is built in-house by an engineering team from the ground up using lots of Python, Django, Javascript and other open source technologies.

So what’s the deal?

We’re looking for software engineers/computer scientists/developers (you get the gist) that can join our team in Melbourne and help build & refine platforms, services and apps.

To start, you pick your platform of choice – Linux, OSX, Windows (FYI we’re yet to have someone pick Windows). We kit you up with a workstation and you get going on projects like:

  • Continuous Delivery across multiple application servers
  • Using and building Application Monitoring and Insight tools(let us know when something unexpected has happened)
  • Architecting and creating new web features which will be seen by millions of people
  • Locating performance bottlenecks (CPU, Memory or Storage bound) and optimising or refactoring them which may involve complex SQL or DB specific queries
  • Building and maintaining performant RESTful web APIs which power mobile apps and sites
  • Improving search engine performance speed, retrieval and relevance scores
  • Implementing innovative machine-learning features for product recommendations and more
  • Building developer helpers and tools (like our Docker PaaS which allows our developers to push their branch to the cloud for UA testing)
  • Front end work in HTML/CSS/SASS/LESS/JS/Backbone/etc

About Kogan.com’s culture

  • Your quality and work ability defines your capabilities, not your years of experience
  • We value open source, we recently donated $10,000 to the Django Software Foundation
  • You like working around a close-knit and funny team
  • You’re independent and ambitious, you like to get things done!
  • You love seeing your code reach production servers and see the impact is has
  • On occasion, you get superhero powers and ‘super code’ to get functionality out really quickly (like our world first IE7 tax – http://techcrunch.com/2012/06/13/kogan-hates-ie7-so-much-its-imposing-a-tax-on-all-shoppers-that-use-the-browser/).
  • Warning: many on the dev team like playing table tennis, so you might want to skill up before your first game!

The Requisite Skills (or things that help you get the job)

  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to multi-task (work on multiple projects)
  • Be enthusiastic about tests and documentation
  • Be eager to learn new technologies
  • You’re a nice person but can be firm when you need to code review :)
  • You seriously know how to program and have worked on similar platforms, languages or concepts mentioned in this doc. (This isn’t a junior role, but a graduate, student or drop out available full time that has extensive real work experience, Git profile etc qualifies for the ‘seriously know how to program’ definition!)
  • A Github, Bitbucket, etc portfolio showing your projects and contributions will also help!
  • You will write a short paragraph or two in your email about why you’re suited to the role (for example, if you don’t know Python but are a Scala expert and are willing to learn Python/Django as well as be an advocate for Scala if the right opportunity arises).

How to Apply

  • Do not use any of the automatic application submission things
  • Write an email to dev.jobs@kogan.com with the subject “[201405] {{ Your Full Name }}”
  • Don’t forget to address the important point in the Requisite Skills section above
  • Attach or link to your CV, GitHub, and whatever else you think is relevant
  • Hold tight. Also, an FYI we may have a trivial Python test or substitute test for other languages to help us assess your skill level.

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Job Categories: Engineering. Job Types: Full-Time.

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